Career Opportunity
Career Opportunity

Commercial Manager (an US industrial company)

The commercial Manager for the company will report to the General Manager. He will have a staff reporting to him of approximately 20. The staff is located across China. His targets are utilities as well as some industrial clients.

The Commercial Manager working in parallel with the General Manager will develop an over-all marketing program. His goal in the next two years is to sell approximately 25 Million US Dollars worth of products. The sale will be mainly for domestic market.

Once the over-all marketing plan is developed, the commercial Manager will then lead his staff in the development of a sales program which will identify primary clients, dividing them in between existing clients and new clients, seeking new channels of distribution, particularly for export sales, and over-all seeking to maximize the sales opportunities the company realizes across the Chinese nation.

This Commercial Manager will be responsible for the development, colation, and analysis of a reporting system that will provide him and the General Manager with timely information about the achievement of sales goals, and realization of market penetration. As part of this reporting process, the Commercial Manager will solicit from his sales staff suggestions for new products, or product modifications to enhance our client’s product mix and therefore market position.

It is most important that the Commercial Manager will realize that one of his main responsibilities is staff morale, which directly results in staff performance.


Well-qualified candidates for Commercial Manager will probably be university graduates, not necessary with an Engineering background. Candidates can be male or female, but considering the nature of the electrical industry, it is most likely the successful candidate will be male.

Candidate will speak one or more Chinese dialects, having a mastery of Mandarin; it is important that candidate also have fluent English capability, above written and spoken.

Because the location of the company is in North East of China, the best candidate will probably be a person from that area.

Candidates will have had a career in sales and marketing, with emphasis on infrastructure sales. Candidates will have very strong interpersonal skills, being good in morale building with his own sales team, strong relationship with clients, public authorities and Shanghai Transformer Institute.

Well qualified candidates for this position will be aware of the fact that xx needs to improve its public image, and have the desire in the inherent capability to improve that image.

While the candidate may be single or married, the candidate must be willing to undertake extensive travel both inside or outside China.

The candidates will have time in their career worked for a multinational corporation so that they have the sophisticated maturity to present themselves will to the export world at the same time be a fine representative of xx.

It is particularly important that candidates have a proven management history, which includes an overview of the production process. Financial management and strategic forecasting for future growth. All these skills are necessitated by the fact that the selected candidate would be the obvious choice for the next promotion.

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