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Why us

Advanced Search System

To meet the challenges of the extraordinarily rapid pace of development of business practices, both in China and the wider global market, we keep alert to important national and international trends. We believe our long experience combined with investment in state-of-the-art technology makes our service both unique and second-to-none.

Unmatched network

We have a team of outstanding researchers who use their skills and connections to make a short-list of potential candidates for each vacant position. We also have extensive industry contacts who can put us in touch with suitable potential candidates. In addition, we constantly seek to improve our search methods by incorporating "best practice" techniques recommended by leading experts in the field.

Understanding your business

We take time to study and understand the wider aspects of your business as well as your specific requirements. We understand that every company has its own "culture" and other unique characteristics which we try to take into account when we make our recommendations. Our approach is very much "hands-on". We assign named individuals to execute each project, and use our strong team-spirit to quickly marshal all available resources needed to achieve a successful outcome.


has built a state-of-the-art database system for the quickest possible access to talented executives and industry sources.
Making full use of technological advances, we at constantly strive to enhance our research and communication capabilities.

Focused evaluation

systematically evaluates our candidates' educational and professional qualifications, carefully going into employment history, compensation information and taking up references.

We can usually offer either short or long-term executive placements according to your specific requirements.

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